Our History

The congregation of Niekerk was organized on September 25, 1866.  Graafschap Christian Reformed Church may well be called our Mother Church since those who at first affiliated with Niekerk belonged largely to the congregation of Graafschap.  Thinking the distance of approximately five miles was too far to go to and from their place of worship with their mode of transportation, the desire arose to organize their own congregation.

Naturally, the first congregation of Niekerk was small.  In the autumn of 1868, a small parsonage was built and the congregation was now ready to call a pastor of its own.  Reverend S. Baron was called in December, 1868 from Bergum, Netherlands.  He accepted the call and on the 16th of May of the same year was installed as the first pastor of Niekerk CRC.

The first years were the hardest years for Niekerk.  In 1871, the great fire of Holland took place, leaving members suffering and struggling for existence; some were even poverty-stricken.  Yet, despite the struggles at hand, God blessed the people of Niekerk and the congregation perservered through those difficult times.

Throughout the late 1800's and early 1900's; Niekerk CRC was led by a variety of different pastors.  Throughout this time, the church grew so it became necessary to enlarge the church building.  During this time, catechism and Sunday school classes were also formed as well as a group for the teenagers in the church.

In July 1930, Reverend Martin Bolt was installed as the pastor.  During his ministry, on September 24, 1936, Niekerk celebrated its seventieth anniversary of the founding of the church.

In the year 1957, under the leadership of Reverend J. Beebe, Niekerk encountered its most challenging struggle since the founding of the church.  A fire was started inside the church and completely burnt the church to the ground.  Although there were no deaths in the fire, the destruction that was caused was devastating to both the congregation as well as the community.  With the help from other Holland congregations, Niekerk soon established a new place of worship.  The next few years were spent rebuilding what had been lost in the fire.

In the year 1978, Niekerk once again expanded due to a growth in the congregation.  In 1988, Reverend Ouwinga retired as the pastor and was replaced by Reverend J. Scholten who ended up leading and nurturing Niekerk for a total of ten years.  In the year 2000, Niekerk extended a call to Reverend B. Van Der Heide.  Reverend Van Der Heide served Niekerk for a total of ten years.

In the summer of 2011, Niekerk finished construction on its largest addition since the founding of the church.  Our prayer is that this new addition would be a blessing to everyone.

Looking back at the history of Niekerk CRC, its obvious to see how the Lord has blessed the church.  We are thankful for our past because it has brought us to where we are today.  We are thankful how the Lord has provided and cared for the church over the years and are excited to see what plans the Lord has for our church in the future.